Magic mouse Left mouse click(touch) while right finger is on mouse

I was about to buy the software cause i see lots of good work done here, but i was most excited for touch click for mouse. but then. i realized that if i rest both fingers on the mouse i cant use left click using touch while it senses right finger on right mouse area. for some reason i cant seem to find a way to make it work without taking off all my fingers off mouse before touching left side to left click. it means i cant rest my hand on mouse, or a fingers on right side of the mouse while i want to left click using touch
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Sorry, that's just how tap to click works in BTT. I tried a lot of things back then (this part was created > 10 years ago) but this was the only reliable way that I could get to work without interfering too much with other things.

You could however try to configure an additional tip tap gesture and also assign left-click to it. This will not work in all situations, but might help a little.

you did great work.
I was just thinking that maybe it would be possible to to make it click if u detect second finger. this way it could click on beginning of detection of second finger the left or right click.
depending which finger is detected second

  • because we keep both fingers on mouse usually resting and pick up finger to tap.
  • I work with unreal engine and i know in blueprints its possible to make that function so maybe its possible to do it here.
  • Tap would work only once per second finger touch detected.
    What you think ??

Honestly that is the main issue with magic mouse, and i feel like biggest incentive to buy your software for anyone who uses these magic mouses cause u could really not have to click at all, just touch.

I bought the bettertouchtool but did not recieve the email with ID could you please check the email from me ? ive send u message to your email