Magic Mouse Enable Doubletap to Drag

I have enabled "Enable Doubletap to Drag" in the Advanced Preferences for Magic Mouse. However, when I doubletap (using a single finger) in a window or Finder Icon then move the cursor, nothing happens; the window or Finder Icon are not "dragged around." Is this a bug, or do I not understand how to use the feature?

You also need to configure single tap to left-click:

Thanks - but after doing so, after I doubletap, the system just treats it as a double click.

Yes that's expected - you need to leave the finger lying on the mouse after the second tap - like when using tap 2 drag on a trackpad. If you immediately lift it again it will be a double-click.

Oh...that makes sense. It does, indeed, work. I feel like a novice!

I definitely need to make this feature more visible :slight_smile: