Magic mouse 2 battery level


For some reason, Apple decided only to warn users that the mouse battery level was low when it hit 2%.

BTT has a setting 'Warn if battery level is below...". I have it set to 20% but it never has worked. Also, it shows the current battery level at being 0%, no matter what the level of charge.

Is this a bug?


Anyone know why battery is shows o%?


Anyone to answer this at all?


Sorry, the feature is only working on older macOS versions.
Maybe I can bring it back sometime!


I'm on Sierra. Jumping over High Sierra and into Mojave in a couple of weeks.
Pity. Useful feature.


The functionality to get an early warning when the battery level of my mouse is running low (before it gets to the 2% which is pretty late) is the whole reason I bought the BTT. Now that it is not working, it is pretty useless for me.


It should be working in recent versions.

//ahh apple must have changed something again, the old way to retrieve the battery state doesn't work anymore in the latest mojave release... will include a fix in the next version.


Many thanks! I really appreciate that!