Magic Keyboard / Function Keys based on application


I'd like to use my Magic Keyboard F1-F12 keys as F1-F12 when I'm inside an application, but all other times let them use their shortcuts (volume, mission control, &c). I don't see a way to do this in the OS, so I was mapping each 'special feature' action to the corresponding function key.

Two questions: 1) Is there a better way to do this? 2) I got stuck on F12, which is volume up. When I press the key in BTT, it doesn't seem to 'capture' that I pressed a key, and so I can't figure out how to map it to F12. Suggestions? Thank you.


I have this same question. I am using Magic Keyboard and would like the F1-F12 keys to be active for VS Code but not for other apps.

Agreed: I just want to select a few of the function keys (F8 and F9) to be part of my touch bar when I'm in Chrome for development debug purposes, and then have them all active while in my IDE. Is there a reason that we can't select from F1 - F12 keys in BetterTouchTool?

you can just use the send keyboard shortcut function for that (record the f keys using your keyboard/ touch bar)

$ brew install fluor