macOS Monterey + BetterSnapTool

@Andreas_Hegenberg, I saw on your website that it was better to contact you here. I wanted to know if BetterSnapTool is compatible with macOS Monterey, as I was thinking of upgrading from Big Sur 11.6.5. Additionally, for some reason, when I visit the App Store on my iMac, it doesn't give me the option to update, it just shows $2.99 where the update button normally is for all of the Apps/Extensions that I have on my computer. The only thing I can think of is that during the migration from my old iMac to this one - it migrated BST over, but never registered it with the App Store.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

yes, it’s compatible! Have a look into your purchase history in the Mac App Store, there you can see & download your previous purchases

Thank you for the information. I'm glad that it's compatible, as I couldn't live without it. I've looked into my iCloud/App Store Account and unfortunately, I do not see it there and it goes back to 2012. Should I contact Apple or would you be able to help me with this?

In the about section when I open the preferences of BST, it shows that it's version 1.4.1 - I'm not sure what the latest version is, but could this be why?

Maybe you bought it using a different Apple ID? Unfortunately only Apple will be able to help with that.

Andreas, I don't believe so. I thought maybe it was possible, but I just checked all of them and I couldn't find it. In the versions of the application from that long ago, how did you process licensing? I'm going to start a chat with Apple now to see if they can help.

Andreas, I just spoke to Apple and they instructed me on how to go through my entire purchase history (which actually shows everything that I've ever downloaded). It was an arduous task. Was BetterSnapTool ever available through non-apple means? I worked for a marketing agency for 5 years and I distinctly remember purchasing it, but now I'm starting to think it was either not through Apple or it was through the owner's Apple ID and not mine.

I know it's a very affordable application, but in all honesty, without a full-time job anymore, I can't even afford that. Is there any way that you could provide me with the updated version so I can update my iMac to Monterey? I would forever be in your debt.

@Andreas_Hegenberg, do you know if version 1.4.1 of BST will work if I were to update my iMac to macOS Monterey? I'm not 100% sure, but I believe I've had the same applications folder ported over from my previous iMac when it had macOS Catalina (or High Sierra) over to this system that came with Big Sur and I don't believe I had any warnings or issues.

BetterSnapTool was never available outside the App Store and can only be downloaded from there, thus you need the Apple Id it was purchased with ;-(

The 1.4.1 version might run, but will have some bugs on Monterey.

That must mean that it was purchased with my former employer's Apple ID (and just migrated from system to system). I no longer have access to that account, as we had a falling out at the beginning of the pandemic.

Thank you for confirming that it was never sold outside the App Store, as I thought maybe it was purchased from Gumroad like some of my other extensions, ex, GuideGuide for Photoshop. Without access to his Apple ID, there's no way for me to update, right? As you wouldn't be able to provide me with the update as a dmg or zip?

@Andreas_Hegenberg, sorry for bugging you. I'm going to see if Apple can provide me with a credit to repurchase it with my own Apple ID. (I doubt they will, so please review my previous comment when you have a moment.)

If they do provide me with a credit, the latest version of BST will work 100% with Monterey, correct?

Side note: What exactly is BetterTouchTool and how would it work with an iMac that uses just the standard Magic Mouse and Keyboard?