MacBook Pro touch bar becomes pixelated after HDMI connection

Hey, guys!

I noticed what I think is a bug in BTT (3.346.1554): when I connect an HDMI cable to my MacBook Pro (2018, 10.15.3), the screen resolution readjusts, and touch bar becomes pixelated/blurry. When I disconnect HDMI cable, it stays blurry/pixelated. The only solution is to restart BTT, which fixes it.

I checked this 10 times in a row, and all 10 — connecting HDMI pixelates touch bar. Needless to say when there's no BTT running, the issue does not happen (with macos's normal touch bar).

If this is indeed a bug, I'd really love a fix for this particular issue, since manually restarting every time is kind of a chore.