MacBook Pro early 2008 and two finger click

I'm running OS X 10.13 High Sierra on an unsupported MacBook Pro 2008, and everything is running fine, except for the old style two finger click (Two fingers on the trackpad and a single button click to bring up a popup menu). If I enable tap to click with the trackpad, I can bring up the popup menu with two finger taps on the trackpad. Unfortunately, I loathe tap to click using the trackpad...Too many accidental mouse clicks.

Is there a way to bring back the old two finger mouse click style using BetterTouchTool. If I could get this single feature I would gladly buy a license. OS X 10.13 High Sierra was obviously designed for unibody macs with a single integrated trackpad and mouse clicker. Haven't tried using trackpad extensions from the last officially supported OS version for the MacBook Pro early 2008...El Capitan 10.11.

Thanks for any helpful assistance..."Let's keep those landfills from overflowing with disposable, but perfectly capable technology"


Renick Marsh

Have you tried the two finger click gesture in BTT instead of the two finger tap?