MacBook/macOS X Palm Rejection (Is BetterTouchTool's Palm Rejection an upgrade over Apple's?)

I saw there is actually some sort of thumb/palm rejection feature in BetterTouchTool, but I was curious if this actually applies to globally to all typing on a macbook

I just got a new 13" 2015 MBP and the keyboard is great, but I have kept on getting phantom clicks from my palm (I had tap to click turned on, turning it off helped a little bit), but I'm wondering if in fact BetterTouchTool does have full on palm rejection that is superior to Apple's (seemingly non-existent) palm rejection

One reason I'm writing this is so that others searching google could possibly have an easier time finding results when searching something the title I provided in this post (once again for the google bot: MacBook/macOS X Palm Rejection)

It seems I'm going to keep tap to click off for now (had an issue just while writing this), but hopefully BTT's palm rejection can make this issue a thing of the past for me!

If it doesn't work out I might... might just have to switch to a 2017 MacBook Air, which seems to be the last one with the older style Multi-touch/inertial trackpad where you can't really click down at the top of the trackpad

Unfortunately these settings only apply to the BetterTouchTool gestures. BetterTouchTool doesn't integrate deeply enough into the system to influence the macOS default gestures.

You may however be interested in this project which reduces the effective size of the trackpad:

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