Mac OS control strip

Is there any way to get rid of the "x" button when the Mac OS control strip is enabled? I am running a customized version of AquaTouch with the Mac OS control strip visible, but don't want to see the "x" on the left side? @yuuiko @Andreas_Hegenberg

Unfortunately when you enable the macOS control strip the X button will appear. The button is from the system, part of the control strip and can't be removed unless you replace the whole bar, including macOS control strip.

In the earlier versions of AQT (before I invented the 4-button quickstrip), I had made an exact copy of the macOS Control Strip in BTT, Added it to the touchbar and then set the touchbar to hide control strip. Finicky but it works I guess

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@yuuiko thanks for the response, is there any chance you still have the copy of the macOS control strip? Maybe even hidden somewhere inside AQT?

You can still download all versions on my downloads page, QuickStrip came in beta/version 3, so try 2.2.0