Mac OS Control Strip Help

I'm currently using aqua touch and I have slightly tweaked it for my own preferences. I'm trying to keep my set Touch Bar preset always to show but for the Mac OS strip to still show favorite sites when a new tab is opened in safari without having to set "show Mac OS control strip" because I don't like the "x" button that's placed on the left side. is this possible? I think I did it before but I can't remember how.

If the macOS control strip is visible, macOS will always show the X button. Unfortunately there is no way around that.

Latest AquaTouch should momentarily close on new tabs to let the favourites switcher show.

If you have folders in favourites add them to the “Safari - Deactivate” group.

I am having this issue as well. I cannot get the default Safari bar to show up on the opening page or the Favorites page (I did rename Favourites to Favorites) no matter how I mess with the conditions. What do you need from me to give you more info? Thanks!