mac app task switcher (cmd + tab) becomes very laggy / jumps multiple when BTT open

Describe the bug

when BTT is open, and my computer runs more than a couple apps, BTT running seems to be associated with lagginess with the mac os app switcher. when BTT is running, the mac app switcher via keyboard shortcut command + tab inconsistently jumps 2-3 or 4 or all the steps to the most distant app in the task switcher menu, or it just switches to the most recent app, but not consistently. So this is quite frustrating, is this a known issue? Is it just my computer being 'laggy' in general?

  • It occurs when BTT is running, stops when I quit BTT, and restarts when I re-open BTT
  • I am using the most recent version of BTT 3.8.21 and Mac OS
  • my computer should be ok running this many apps, only 4-5 apps are sufficient to do it, 2019 macbook pro, i think 16 or 32gb of RAM

I constantly have >= 20 apps running and never encountered such an issue.

Do you maybe have any command bound to cmd+tab in BetterTouchTool's keyboard section?

Nope not that I found. I have a lot of commands with keyboard combos and sequences involving cmd though, so I disabled all those that I could find sequentially, and then also the ones I didn't think involved cmd, and noticed ongoing bug during each progressive step, until I turned the app off and then it stopped.

I also had the goldenchaos addon which I turned off and still seems to be happening.

Really like the app overall.

For what it's worth, I have a lot of issues with apps making my mac really loud and sometimes have kernel panics etc. for some reason, like google drive sync makes it sound like a helicopter taking off etc.

I may end up reinstalling BTT or deleting all my shortcuts and starting over after some sort of backup to restore later, seeing if that helps.