Lower window to bottom of stack

Would it be possible to have an option to lower a window to the bottom of the stack? So that it was obscured by other windows that overlap it?

Back in the days I used X-windows on unix most window managers provided this functionality and it was incredibly useful.

For example, if I have some windows on the screen I am working with and they are all obscuring some large window like Thunderbird or something, I can raise Thunderbird with the Alt-Tab sequence. But then I have to raise each of the other windows I was using individually. There is no way to lower Thunderbird back to the bottom. Being able to Cmd-Click (or whichever trigger) the window to send it back to the back would be very useful.

Thank you.

unfortunately there is no API that allows to do this.
There are some hacks available to achieve this, but they require System Integrity Protection to be disabled, thus significantly reducing the system's security.

That's why I have not created such a feature yet. (I could like you suggest raise every other window programatically, but this would be quite slow)

Rats -- MacOS fail.

How slow is quite slow? Do you mean seconds? I usually run with a dozen or so windows, so if raising each one was a hundred milliseconds it might be usable.

(PS: Thanks for the fast response!)