Loupedeck Support

I saw on the v3.952 update that there had been some initial work done to support Loupedeck devices. Stream Deck is already here, so I wonder, could we also get Loupedeck?

I think the Loupedeck API might be more or less straight forward, though I get the tooling isn't great (especially on MacOS) given it's done in C#.

unfortunately the official API won't work for BTT because as you mentioned it's C#. However there are ways to directly talk to the device without using the API.

I did the base work for this, but had to move it to next year due to various other features/improvements I'm currently working on ;-(

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Hello @Andreas_Hegenberg, thank you for replying.

I saw some projects on Github around Node.js APIs to interact with Loupedeck and even a full replacement to the Loupedeck Software with Node. I don't know how well those could/couldn't integrate with BTT, but indeed it seems like interacting with the devices is a matter of sending the correct calls over to the device (usually something like /dev/cu.usbmodemXXX or similar, if I recall correctly).

I'll eagerly await for any news. Thanks!

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I am also looking forward to whatever Andreas is going to come up with! :+1:

Note that there is also the Razer Stream Controller X which resembles the Elgato Stream Deck but which software support is based on Loupedeck.