Lots of bugs, missing features

As a Windows user I don't want to give 10 $ for this software...
I already switched "command/control" keys (like in Windows in order to do CTRL+X/C/V)

  • ENTER - open folder/file - not working
  • DELETE - delete file/folder - not working
  • Chrome - CTRL+TAB, loop on tabs - not working
  • Chrome - F5, reload window - not working
  • Put top left buttons (close/minimize/maximize) to the right like windows - not working
    Many things that I wanted to change - missing or impossible to do with this tool.

sorry, I have no idea what you are talking about (or trying to do), but I‘m pretty sure this is not the right software for you.

Google for "VMware Fusion Player", install Windows and be happy…

Maybe that's what you mean?

CAG, if "focused element role" = "AXList" --> Enter = ⌘+o

CAG, if "focused element role" = "AXList" --> Delete = ⌘+Delete

⌃+Tab --> next Tab

F5 = ⌘+r

before trying to use macOS like windows try to learn basics of macOS. at least i have used windows 20+ years and still goes on. You will never experience windows on mac and same for reverse. Actually i switched ctrl with alt key on windows because placement for modifier keys better. just give a chance to macOS for a while