LOST my settings

I just started migrating to a new Macbook Pro. I was TRYING to get my old settings/presets over to the new laptop. I found the DropBox sync thing. It says to backup first.
But all I could find was Restore from Backup. Which didn't have anything in it.
So I thought connecting with Dropbox would be the backup. Now everything is gone. Boo!
Can I get help? I have a zip download of the files from Dropbox.
I am on 3.570

I am trying to figure out which files in the Dropbox backup might have my missing data....

the Dropbox wouldn’t have your data, but most likely BTT has some backups in this folder: ~/Library/Application Support/BetterTouchTool (maybe send a copy of that folder to me, then I can have a look - andreas@folivora.ai)

I only see one file in there, named "BetterTouchProcessPrioWatcher"
BetterTouchTool.zip (314.7 KB)

ah you are looking at the wrong folder, the ~ is important. Go there via Finder -> Go -> Go to Folder. Make sure to include the ~

Thank you! Here is my zip

Oh! does the ~ mean go to the Application Support folder for my user?

yep, ~ always references the current user /Users/xxxx/

I’ll have a look st your zip later!

Mhh how many triggers did you have set up in BTT?
The zip file unfortunately doesn't contain much. Was this the whole folder?

NUTS! I had quite a few triggers, over many different Applications. We will know we fourn the right set when we see a set of TouchBar triggers for MS Word.
Where else could I look?
I SO appreciate your help on this!
I am planning on buying a lifetime license. Please help me recover what I lost!

there should be more files in the application support/BetterTouchTool folder, as BTT creates an automatic backup whenever upgrading to a new version. However your zip seems to only have contained the latest (broken) database file.

Do you maybe have Time Machine, or any other backup software active? Then you can just restore that folder to an earlier time.

This is a corporate laptop. No Time Machine.
We use Code42. I can try looking in there. But I am not as familiar with it.

How about one of these?
I just did a search for BetterTouch in the Library folder for my user.
rebettertouchtoolcommunitydiscussionquestionslos.zip (754.0 KB)

see below, if you get a chance. thanks for your help!