Lost license on BTT Remote

Hi --

I don’t know when and why it happened, but BTT Remote lost the license information. It still connects to my Mac Pro and my Macbook Pro where BTT is installed and licensed, but BTT Remote doesn’t recognize that there are licenses on my Macs.

macOS 10.12
iOS 12.1
BTT 2.660
BTT Remote 2.3.1
There is Better Snap Tool (App Store version) sitting on each of my Macs, perhaps they are interfering the license process with BTT Remote?
I’ve restarted everything, reinstalled BTT Remote and have even bought a fresh and new BTT license. And now I am writing here...

Any suggestions on this? How can I "show" BTT Remote the licensed BTT on my Mac?

What do you mean by "it doesn't recognize that there are licenses on your Mac"?
What exactly doesn't work in BTT Remote?

Andreas, don't ask why: Everything is working again. I don't know why the Pro-Features of BTT Remote were disabled on my device for some time. Perhaps a modern Christmas miracle... :wink:

Hi !!!
i have lost my license. I have checked my email as suggested but still it is nowhere to be found !
How could i retreive it ?

Thanks a lot !