Losing keystrokes after BTT is running for a while

After BTT is running for a while I start losing keystrokes in other apps - terminal, firefox, etc. BTT 3.402, OS 10.14.6. MBP 15" 2018.

I'm using an external keyboard - Microsoft Sculpt connected via Microsoft USB dongle.

When I quit BTT the problem goes away - keystrokes stop being lost.

When I restart BTT it's fine for a while, then after 10's of minutes I start losing keystrokes again. This has happened across at least 1 machine reboot.Archive.zip (26.1 KB)

Edit: I restarted BTT and keystrokes were fine for < 10 minutes, then I started losing keystrokes again.

Update: I deleted the single BTT Keyboard Shortcut I had and now the keystrokes aren't lost, BTT runs fine with no keystrokes lost.

Could the keyboard shortcut enabled be related to losing keystrokes?

config data attached:

Archive.zip (161.9 KB)