Looking for a workaround for webview limitations

So I’d imagine @Andreas_Hegenberg will be the only one who can answer parts of this.

I’m well-aware that webview has some limitations, seemingly around what kind of js it.

But today I noticed that I sent a gdrive link that a coworker didn’t have access to and gmail didn’t do its usual check permissions—>request permissions routine. Then when that coworker emailed me for access, I opened the email and clicked the “share” button and he still doesn’t have permission.

Anybody have any idea for workarounds? Maybe a script that can share permission that I could trigger somehow

And I guess the second part of my question is the only only @Andreas_Hegenberg could help with—what exactly are the limitations on the webview? I’m not asking to see the source code lol. I just want a broad understanding of what’s going on between the site and the window so I can try to anticipate these limitations better next time.

unfortunately I don’t know of any general limitations. Everything working in Safari should also be possible in the webview. However some sites do check for very specific browser versions etc. In that case you might need to adjust the user agent.

@Andreas_Hegenberg, thanks for the response.

So like in my example, what do you think might be going on? Normally, when I send an email with a google drive link to someone, gmail will do a “permissions check” and if that recipient doesn’t have access to that folder in google drive, a dialog box will pop up asking if I want to share it with them. Once I click yes, they have access. And it has never not worked. But I can’t get it work through the webview at all. It doesn’t even do the permissions check.

Also what do you mean by this? Is there documentation on it?