Long press modifier key combinations on Stream Deck


New to BTT but love it so far with shortcuts to apps etc.

Bought a Stream Deck today and want to do the following:

I want 3 buttons (on my Stream Deck) as follows:

BTN1 = CTRL+OPTION (continuous press until Stream Deck button is released, and then disable the press with the release of the Stream Deck button)



I have tried for an hour to set it up as I want it but the closest I came was that click 1 enabled for example CMD and click two on the same button disabled it. I want a "long press" version simulating me "holding CMD and releasing" - in short I want the Stream Deck button to do exactly as the button does on my keyboard (while pressing hold it, and when releasing the button release the modifier key combos)

Thank you to anyone that can help me out!


Not really understanding your problem, as modifier keys normally have no action on their own — they modify the action of another key…

I'm surprised you were able to get BTT to accept just ⌃⌥ as a keyboard shortcut. Try this example and perhaps you can modify it to your needs.

The keyboard shortcut I assigned was ⇧A — ie type a capital A.

On the definition of the Stream Deck button, on the Config pane scroll down to the bottom and check the box "Repeat action while holding". This'll then provide options of repeat rate & delay.

Now when I hold down the Stream Deck button I get AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA… Repeating A's for as long as the button is held down.

Hope that helps,