Long Press Action for Weather Widget

I have seen a touch bar setup that when the weather widget is held down the weather forecast for the next week appears. Could someone help me in how I could implement this?
Thank you

  1. Create a Touch Bar group called Weather Forecast.
  2. Inside that group create a Weather Widget for each forecasted day you want. Change the "When?" for each widget to the appropriate +day. Be sure to keep the close button around so you can close the group.
  3. Outside of the group create another Weather Widget for today's weather.
  4. Switch to Named & Other Triggers and create a Named Trigger called "Open Weather Forecast". Set it to open the Weather Forecast Touch Bar group.
  5. Right click on the Weather Forecast group and click "Enable/Disable Selected Trigger". This doesn't actually disable the group; it just hides it from appearing on the touch bar. The group can still be opened by the named trigger you created earlier.
  6. Change the long press action on the Weather Widget for today's forecast (the one outside of the group) to trigger the "Open Weather Forecast" named trigger.

That's it. Adjust each Weather Widget's properties to your liking.


Thanks alot dear bro, it worked perfeclty..
there is another way
Create a Touch Bar group called Weather Forecast (same step 1,2, 3 typical as above)
4. in the Weather Widget for today's weather, assign another action then choose touch Bar relataed action from which choose open touch bar group with name and choose your group "Waether forcast"