Logitech MX Master 2S Gesture button record.

Hey, i'm new with the better touch tool app,
I'm trying to configure the gesture button of the MX Master 2S but it seems that the BTT app cannot record gesture button click. but it can record other buttons.
I dont want to install the Logitch Option because sometimes its getting stuck and not working properly and i'm looking for something more stable like BTT

I think it behaves like a keyboard for that button, so you might be able to record it in the keyboard shortcut section (make sure to select the "only works on the keyboard it was recorded on" option, otherwise it might interfere with your normal keyboard.

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i tried it now, its not recording anything on keyboard, also tried "only works on the keyboard it was recorded on" option

I have been trying to figure that out forever. If you don't have logi tools installed, then it is a command-tab. I used the trigger condition "works on keyboard with the same type as recorded" to still use command tab with my keyboard, but now with the mx master gesture button, I get mission control (my preference).