Logitech Mouse Buttons Work Except in Chrome

I've followed the guide here...


...to set up my mouse buttons with keystroke assignments and then configured those in BTT. It works properly except on Chrome. I have an MX Master mouse and no matter what I do the two thumb clicks on the side go forward and back in my history and the horizontal scroll wheel changes tabs. Is there a workaround for this?

Did you maybe disable BTT for Chrome? In general there should not be a difference

Nah, I am thinking it might be a Chrome thing actually. When I change the thumb button on the side to be a volume control in Logitech options, and don't even use BTT, it does the same thing. Volume control works in all windows except Chrome. You ever run into this before or know how to disable mouse shortcuts in. Chrome?

My chrome doesn't do this (with my MX Master 3). Maybe some extension?

I'm an idiot, didn't realize the Logitech Options section allowed you to select specific apps. The all applications section was being overridden by Google Chrome section. Fixing that works now. Sorry for the thread.

Hey, just wanted to say: sometimes you help somebody by being an idiot first. Had the same problem as you and the same solution :smile:. Would have taken ages to find that out without this thread. Thank you!