Logitech Mouse button+gestures

Hey there.
I just received my mx3s and main question can I achieve same functionality as with Logitech software?
Main thing is "button 5 + move up/down/left/right"

"Why not using Logitech app?" - I want all my customisations and hotkeys in one place and I don't understand who is in charge for which gesture/combination and are there any conflicts.


You're actually going to need both unless something has changed. I have an MX2 Master and an MX Vertical. I use Logitech Options to assign keystroke commands (configured in BTT) to the various buttons.

BTT isn't able to map the buttons directly without the Options software, unless something has changed.

actually I can map buttons and scrolls

But what i'm looking for is combination button + gesture
like this

In BTT you'd use mouse gestures/drawings for that, however they currently do not work super well with straight lines.

These docs still reference the old UI, but the basics are still the same: Drawing / Scribble Triggers · GitBook (folivora.ai)

Thank, already found it.
But you are right - strait lines are not working(
And if Logi+ app is running it completely take all control over mouse and BTT cant use most of it ( additional buttons)

Anyway, thanks.

If you want to keep the Logi+ app running you currently need to use the shortcut solution mentioned by @alex

Using the Logi Options software you can totally map those Gestures to BTT shortcuts. That's what I'm doing.

I have my Mouse Wheel click as my Gesture button. It's mapped to a custom keystroke, in my case SHIFT+CMD+;

In BTT, that is defined as "Mission Control & Immediately Show Desktop Preview"

You can see in this image that if I hold down my Gesture button and push forward, I get Launchpad.

Just for fun, I did the same thing and mapped that forward push gesture to a custom keystroke: CMD-1
In BTT that's a fun shortcut for opening Netflix in a Floating Webview.

So, you can do exactly what you're trying to do, you just can't do it natively from BTT. You run Logi Options, and modify the custom keystrokes to your BTT triggered custom keystrokes.

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