Logic Pro X preset

Does anyone have a preset I can download for Logic Pro X that I can use?

What kind of preset are you after? Here’s some of the ways I’ve utilised better touch tool into my Logic Pro workflow.

This is intriguing. Can you release some of this?

The scripts and script libraries.are for sale

£20 for the first script that sets the output, bus and colour to the relevant instrument category on audio and instrument tracks
£20 for the second task which includes 3 script libraries for instrument selection, plugin selection on the selected track and plugin selection on the output/bus track ui element.

The first script can just be attached to a touch bar button.

The second set of scripts are script libraries that have to be placed in the ‘Library/Script Libraries/ folder. You will have to manually modify the included script templates in apples script editor to select the desired plugin or instrument.by setting the following variables, see example below:

If I wanted to select Arturia’s Korg MS-20 I would add the text that appears in Logic Pro’s plugin menu in quotes to the variables “devName” and “plugName”

Set devName to “Arturia”
Set plugName to “Korg MS”
Tell script “selInst”
selInst(devName, plugName)
End tell

For plugins the process would be the same, calling a different script

Set devName to “Universal Audio”
Set plugName to “UAD dbx 160”
Tell script “selPlugTrack”
selPlugTrack(devName, plugName)
End tell

Once you’ve entered the developer and plugin name, create a Touch Bar button in better touch tool, select AppleScript (blocking) as the action then either load a saved copy of the script or just paste the script contents into the AppleScript action settings. Repeat the process for every plugin or instrument you want to appear in the Touch Bar.

In my setup I created a folder for instruments and another folder for plugins which I assigned to different points on the trackpad. For plugins; I created scripts for the track ui element then created a named trigger with a script for the output/bus ui element and assigned it to the long press option on the Touch Bar button.

If you have any other gui scripting automation task requests let me know, I’d be happy to write the scripts for you.

Thanks for sharing! If it ever fails you or proves too much to keep updating, have you tried PlugSearch?

Hi Oli,

If the layout of logic changes in the future the guy from plugsearch will probably have to make the same changes I would anyway. I just hope Logic keeps the little ui properties it has available to call in future releases that plugsearch almost certainly relies on. I’m really hoping apple don’t bin AppleScript. Aside from that the upsides of having the scripts available, not having to break my train of thought by thinking about navigating the ui far outweighs the downside of maintaining, it’s improved my workflow and results creatively a great deal . If they binned AS I’d try re writing the scripts in JS and call them in btt as a js button or python and call the scripts in shell in btt . After chatting with the guy that made plug search from what we discussed I have a feeling he may have used AppleScript for a similar task (don’t quote me on that though) ive used a script he wrote in my Logic template that increases and decreases the channel gain with a button press I have tried plugsearch but my scripts have much more functionality than plugsearch,alone;- firstly you don’t have to type anything if you’re using Touch Bar buttons, a new plugin selection will set the plug name as track name, it will re colour and re group and re bus from analysing the new plugin selection and change the icon if ie the selected track was a recording of a bass drum it will change the icon to a bass drum as well as re bus and group and colour respective.y.. I can add the next available (unused) bus send to a track, a plugin selection on the bus track (which I get from a long button press on the desired plugin) will name the bus track to an abbreviation of the instrument or audio track name and add the plugin name to the end, change the group and bus of the bus track to match the instrument or audio part. I also use he alternate colours in btt for things like low latency mode cycle toggling etc, when I hide a group the touch bar interface shows me what groups are visible and which aren’t with alternate colours. I’ve also created an version of plugsearch, it’s pretty much exactly the same in AS, if I need to call up a plugin that’s not on the Touch Bar. Though if I end up getting a Mac without a touch bar I might consider getting a stream deck or something. A lot of the features I’ve added aren’t in the video I attached. I’m gonna make another video showing these features, I’ll add it to the thread when I’ve done it.