Log into iCloud to use sync

Whenever I launch BTT, click any of the sync setting (enable, reset, etc) I get a popup that says I need to log into icloud in order to use sync. I definitely am logged into icloud.

Catalina: 10.15.1 (19B2106)
BTT: 3.214

Any solution to this?

Same problem here since updated to Catalina. I'm on 10.15.7 and tried it with lots if different BTT versions. Even last one 3.560.
Is there a problem concerning rights to access icloud? BTT doesn't show up under Preferences -> Accounts -> iCloud -> iCloud Drive (Options...).
I know it actually does show up there on High Sierra.

..had the same issue - then I noticed that while I was indeed logged into iCloud, iCloud Drive was not activated - checking the box here solved the issue for me :+1:

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