Link to Activate the Trigger not working

Hi @Andreas_Hegenberg ,

I was trying to trigger a named trigger from an external app but instead of performing the action, it is just opening BTT Preferences.

I went through this doc: Using Custom URL Scheme · GitBook and was executing the command

open "btt://execute_assigned_actions_for_trigger/?uuid=F22E4F96-534B-4AB1-8668-95D109582972"

but it is just opening the BTT preferences.

The action of this named trigger is a "Transform & Replace Selection with JavaScript" action.

PS: I am using Alfred to execute this command, but even executing it via Terminal doesn't help.

url scheme commands always „activate“ the app, this it will also bring the preferences to the front if you have them open. Closing the BTT preferences first should fix this.

I tried too. The focus changes for a second, but does not Transform or Replace the text. I just hear a sound (click)

The same Trigger/Action works if I trigger it normally (via BTT's keyboard shortcut)

here's the action Dropbox - Untitled.json - Simplify your life

i’ll have a look!

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