Lingering effect of keyboard sequences commands

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Basically after I created keyboard sequence it was working erratically. Moreover even when I disabled the sequence, it was somehow still working (still erratically). It only stops if I completely quit BTT.

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    MacBook Pro 2022
    BTT 4.272

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I also have this (esoteric :upside_down_face:) experience from time to time. I can't prove it, but I think I recognize two cases.

  1. A deactivated trigger still works.
  2. A deactivated trigger does not work, but it prevents another one from working that was set up afterwards.

(1) is very rare. (2) much more common. Only complete deletion helps. Both cases are very difficult to reproduce because it is unclear to me which criteria are decisive. However, I can say with a fair degree of certainty that variant 2 mainly (perhaps only) affects triggers where the Advanced Conditions are also set.

In the meantime, I know roughly where to look and what to delete if something doesn't work. But if you're not aware of this problem, you'll find that certain things don't work for no reason.

I know, unfortunately this doesn't help anyone :wink:

4.376 alpha should fix the issue where deactivated key sequences are not really deactivated!

Thanks :green_heart: