Lifetime license not recognised

I purchased a lifetime license on 2018 (Order number: #3520305) and today this message appeared :

I don't want to pay a lifetime license again. How can I fix that ?

Thank you for your help.

I just installed freely the 3.562 version. No more "new license required" message. It seems that the bug is fixed. I don't know if my report helped but the problem is solved.

The problem came back.

Moreover, my current version seems to be very old compare to the release notes.

I don't understand. Can anyone help me ?

you seem to have two versions of BTT, the on ein your screenshot is indeed very old & unsupported. Maybe download a fresh copy from

Possibly restarting your Mac could also help.

Thank you very much Andreas, it worked. Indeed, the new UI is completely different from my old version. Very good job ! Your app is really a must-have for Mac users.

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