license not received

I paid for the license through PayPal but never received the license email. I wrote so many emails to Andreas but I never get a response. Even though I have paid for it, BBT continuously asking me to pay which is very annoying. Since I never get a reply from Andreas, I wonder if this is fraud or sth. Did you encounter the same problem? I have to escalate the payment problem on PayPal now since I never get any response from Andreas to get refund, even though I'd like to pay for it and continue using BBT.

As an ordinary user I can only tell you that I have received my license without any problem when I bought BTT last year. BTT is great tool I honestly hope that Andreas is OK in this crazy times.

I just checked my emails and I found an email from BetterTouchTool Licensing with a subject "BetterTouchTool License For (and my full name)". I guess that you have already checked all your folders including spam/trash folders.

Where did you bought your version from? I hope you used official link - Great Tools for your Mac!

@Xin_Lin there was a little typo in your email address. I have fixed that and re-sent the license mail.

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