License Multi User same machine question

Hi, using the BTT on a lifetime license on a mac. Can the license be used for a different user on the same machine? If so how? As keep getting the trial pop up window every time.

Thanks in advance

I have the same problem - really, no response to this issue? I'm assuming the license file is installed for just my primary user account and is therefore not found when logging into other accounts, but that's just speculation since I don't know the location of the license file.

you just need to activate the license for your other user too (

OK, I did install it for the other established user accounts on my machine. Unfortunate that it is not accessible for Guest accounts which are built up/torn down on demand. Not possible to install BTT for all users?

You can create a /Library/Application Support/BetterTouchTool folder manually and copy the license file into that, however you have to rename it to license.bttlicense (.bttlicense is the important part).

BTT should pick that up.

In general BTT settings are per user though, because different user-system settings can lead to various bad conflicts.

Yes, I realized that making the license global probably meant that the Preferences would all be global as well. That is actually probably the right thing for my situation since the different user accounts are NOT used by different people - only by me - and I'd like the look and feel to be consistent across logins.

Will I have issues if a BetterTouchTool folder appears under both /Library/... and ~/Library/... directory trees? Which one would override?

exactly the same problem with me. I have two user accounts on my computer (work/private) and as soon as I change the user BTT does not work anymore - I get the message: "Bettertouchtool is currently disabled".

I can activate it, but then BTT is disabled again for the other user.

I have imported the license on both user accounts - no satisfactory result.

I also created a /Library/Application Support/BetterTouchTool folder manually and copied the license file into that - no satisfactory result.

Is there no way to activate the licences for multi user at one mac?

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it's not a problem about the license, it's the macOS API's that BTT uses which cause issues when running on two accounts, which ia why BTT currently prevents the concurrent usage on two accounts

thank you for clearification. So there is no way to use btt for two users at one mac? that is really grievous.

Is there really no work-around?

Maybe you could somehow create a script to quit BTT on the one user when the other gets active. But there are lots of weird cases, which is why I haven't invested too much time into this yet.

(Almost nobody is using multiple accounts that run BTT at the same time, I have maybe gotten 10 requests about this in the last 10 years ;-( which is why it has never been a priority)