Let me add a custom modifier key (or alternatively, set something to "mimic" a modifier key)

Hey, thanks for creating an amazing piece of software! I have some issues using the keyboard and want to create multiple gestures for my (5 button) mouse. I'd like one key to act as a modifier key (let's say fn) so that when I press other buttons on the mouse while that's pressed, they can trigger different actions (such as back/forward on my browser) without me having to press anything on the keyboard.

I've tried setting this up with:

  • Mouse Button 4 Down -> Fn Key Down
  • Mouse Button 4 Up -> Fn Key Up
  • Then setting the fn key modifier on my other mouse triggers (fn + Mouse Button 3)

Unfortunately this doesn't work consistently.

I'd also like to set up a gesture for cmd-tab:

  • Hold a mouse button to act as cmd (or, ideally, click it once to hold cmd-down and then use something else to trigger cmd-up)
  • Click another mouse button to act as tab, or just use the scroll wheel.

Please, I'm a huge BTT evangelist and this is by far my most needed feature request :heart::pray:

One thought is simply adding the Act as Hyper Key action to mouse button trigger would solve most of this for me!

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Hi @joel did you ever find a solution to the mouse button for CMD Tab with the mouse / trackpad? I am wondering the same.