leftmost/rightmost touch x/y variables for Magic Mouse too?

I extensively use the leftmost and rightmost touch x and y variables which are available for Trackpad.


Last night I got a Magic Mouse and was pretty surprised to see that when creating advanced conditions, none of these variables are available for use with it.

I can see that BTT itself already uses the touch positions (x and y coordinates) of individual touches on the mouse surface for a ton of existing gestures, but what I don't get it is, why are these also not available for use in Advanced conditions.

The use of these variables practically quadruples the available gestures on Trackpad, and for Magic Mouse, it would at least double them.

@Andreas_Hegenberg - Could you please let me know if this is something you can consider adding to BTT in the upcoming alpha versions?

I am more than happy to become a beta tester and provide feedback after playing around with it.


Good point, I'll add variables for the mouse as well.


Thank you !! Excited to try em out. :partying_face: