Left/right modifiers not recognized for function row keys F1, F2, & F7-F12

I saw Alpha release 4.462 said "If you set a trigger to require modifier keys to be set, they can now differentiate between left & right modifier keys." It doesn't work for me on the F1, F2, & F7-F12 function keys. Left/right modifiers are not recognized when entering them as a keyboard shortcut. Is this a bug? Left/right modifiers are recognized with all other keys I've tried.

I'm using Sonoma 14.4 on an M4 MacBook Pro. Have restarted my device a few times.

which mode is your macOS set to for the F-Keys in System Setting => Keyboard => Keyboard Shortcuts? Are they behaving like standard F-Keys or do you use the macOS multi-media keys?

(multi-media keys need to be handled in a very special way, it's possible modifier key differentation doesn't work there)

Yes, I have it turned off like your photo. When I turn it on, ALL function keys are differentiated. I use volume and screen brightness constantly though, so I'll probably need to keep this toggled off. I'm not sure if there is a way to do modifier key differentiation, but it would be nice.

I think 4.463 alpha (uploading now) might allow to differentiate modifier keys for multi-media keys as well!

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Yep! Perfect. This is a great feature. Appreciate the quick fix.