left right key differentiate

BTT can differentiate between left and right modifier keys when recording keyboard combination. However, you cannot differentiate them when sending keys.

For instance I want to do ALT+D => RIGHT CMD+D (long story why, it's a Citrix thing). However, you can only change the source keys (LEFT/RIGHT ALT), but not the shortcutkeys to send.

I tried "cheating" the system by modifying the JSON from
"BTTShortcutToSend" : "55,2"
"BTTShortcutToSend" : "54,2"

While that shows correctly on the user interface, it doesn't actually do anything. Is there just no support or can I tweak the BTTAdditionalConfiguration and BTTShortcutModifierKeys values?

Any ideas?



I'm looking for the same option, also because of Citrix. any way to send right cmd?

Same here. In Citrix Viewer, the only way to send the "Windows" key is via the right command key, and I'd like to be able to bind e.g."Four finger swipe up" to "Right-CMD, D" to show desktop.