Left click not working after Find Image and Move Mouse on Studio Display

I've set up a trigger to find an image, after which I delay for 0.1 seconds, then left click. This works fine on the internal display, but when the window is on my Studio Display, it moves the mouse, but then doesn't click. Any idea why this is?

do you maybe hold any modifier keys that would be included in the left-click, causing it to fail?
If so, use the "custom click / modifiers" action to specify a left-click without modifier keys.

I'm quite sure I'm not holding down any modifier keys, but I did try using the "custom click / modifiers" action, and that still fails. (I'm away from my Studio Display at the moment, but tried it on an LG 4K display, with the same results.) Interestingly, on this LG 4K display, if I have the MacBook Pro in clamshell mode, then it does work. I don't recall for sure whether I'd tried it in clamshell mode with the Studio Display. I thought I had, but maybe not.

Weird. Is it something special you need to click? Does it maybe need two clicks when switching focus to a different screen?

I don't think there's any focus switch happening. I have keyboard focus in the Safari window, and the mouse pointer is in that window also. The action successfully moves the pointer to the target (in the same window), but then nothing happens. However! I did just discover the "continue with next action even if image was not found" checkbox, and with that checked, things seem to work. So it sure seems like something isn't quite right, in that BTT doesn't seem to think it's found the image even though it has, but the result is what I want, so I'm satisfied!

which version of BTT are you on?

I just updated to 4.212

Oh, and the image is just a little button on a webpage, as shown here.

in the recent versions (>4.212) the image search has been changed completely (and should be much more reliable and faster). If you haven't, I'd recommend to try out 4.258.

Ah, yes, 4.258 does make it work without the "continue" checkbox. Thanks!

perfect, thanks for checking! (it's now also based on OpenCV, one of the best imaging libraries around, not on my own hacked algorithm :slight_smile: )