Launching applications via symlinks

I have a shortcut to launch my favourite editor, which I install via Nixpkgs. Everytime I update Emacs a new application is created on my machine, and is linked via my ~/Applications folder.

The problem I'm having is Better Touch Tool always resolves the link to the underlying application, which means my shortcuts break when I update and new application in a new directory is created.

It is not possible for me to change the underlying behaviour of Nixpkgs. This is how it works by design, and it is a sound design.

What I would like is for Better Touch Tool to only resolve links at invocation time, or to provide me with a command-line interface or other API through which I can update the path to my editor. Is it possible to modify a trigger programmatically?

BTT only resolves the link when entering it through the "open dialog". If you enter the path manually, it will not resolve it:

I believe this must be a recent change introduced by Apple, where the standard macOS open dialog now resolves aliases by default - because I have not had similar reports for the last 10 years and now received multiple within ~3 weeks.

That is perfect! I didn't realise that behaviour was only part of the Finder file picker.

Thanks, Andreas!

I'll also update the file picker with the next version to explicitly deactivate the resolving.