Launch specific panes in system preferences?

Hi there,

I'd like to long hold certain buttons on my touchbar to open the associated system preferences pane, e.g. long press the volume buttons to open sound preferences. I've tried everything!

Is it a case of setting a system wide keyboard shortcut to launch a specific pane of system preferences, then triggering that shortcut through BTT?

I tried long pressing to set off a named trigger, with a keyboard shortcut to sound preferences (Option + volume), which worked except it acted as if option was pressed constantly down afterwards. There doesn't seem to be a "send key down and up" option as there is in a normal trigger....


Much appreciated.

Many panes can be opened using the "Open URL" action in BTT with a URL like this:

(see )

Unfortunately the sound pane doesn't have a link it can be opened with. For that one I'd recommend to use the "Execute Terminal Command" action with something like this:

 open -b /System/Library/PreferencePanes/Sound.prefPane

That’s brilliant, thanks! In the end I had a stack of three actions: open system preferences, wait 1 second, send shortcut to specific app (with a custom keyboard shortcut set up in system preferences beforehand).

Thanks for your help, I’ll try and do your suggestion :slight_smile:

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Does anyone know the URL for the Passwords in the preference pane of Monterey?