Launch a trigger from Asana?


did anyone find a way how to launch an automation right from Asana?
I'd like to have a recurring task to launch an automation in BTT and ideally by clicking on a link in Asana.

If it's not possible, than I'd like to have an icon on my desktop. I found a way to have a button in menubar, but I don't like that it is visible all the time since I'm gonna need it once a week.
The option: Only show when all these modifiers are pressed: doesn't work. It shows the hidden button as it is supposed to but clicking on it doesn't work.

To sum up:

  1. Asana link would be my preferred way to launch it
  2. If not 1) than an icon on desktop
  3. If not 1) or 2) than make the menubar buttons hidden option work

Could anyone help me please?

Thank you,