Latest Chrome stable doesn't work with Better Snap Tool

I bought bettertouchtool to see if the alpha build fixed it, but I can't find keyboard shortcuts in that app.

The snapping doesn't work correctly with the latest chrome build. Every other app works fine. Keyboard shortcuts make the window animate in a weird way, and I sometimes get it to work by spamming the same shortcut multiple times.

macOS 12.0.1, Chrome 96.0.4664.55, M1

Only chrome does this weird animation. Everything else snaps correctly. I've had this issue before during the years, but it's always resolved itself after a reboot.

Do you have any special extensions installed for Chrome or some Accessibility apps / system features turned on? I just downloaded the latest Chrome (96.0.4664.55) but it's snapping fine here on my M1 Max.

I know that the macOS on-screen keyboard can cause this in some cases, but then it should not be limited to Chrome itself. You already tried a full system reboot, right?

I recently installed a few, lemme see

I deleted all the recent extensions plus some other ones I never use, forced quit chrome, rebooted the machine; Didn't help. Reinstalled chrome with brew; some session data was left on the device as I didn't need to re-login. Installed chrome-beta, which did require sign-in, but the issue persists.

Very weird.

It would be great if you could add a separate test user to macOS with a fresh user profile, to see whether it's due to some macOS setting. But I understand that this annoying to do.

I had ~3 similar reports over the last weeks, but so far no clue what could cause it. I know that it works on almost all systems, but there seems to be something that breaks the macOS accessibility API for Chrome on some systems.

I'll help you as much as I can. It's the least I can do, this app is the most essential for me

FWIW, This same issue persists on 2 different machines. This one is on 12.0.1 and it's M1. The other one is an i7 2019 on Big Sur latest. It also started at the same time. This week or late last week, can't remember if even sooner. Recently

are you synchronizing chrome between these machines?

Yes I am

Ok, I installed a test user and the problem was resolved with Chrome. Even logged in to chrome and it worked. It seems macOS is the problem. I wonder what it could be

Very weird. Can you think of any setting you have changed in System Preferences-> Accessibility?

I think I've been there once in my life and that was a long time ago

The fact that two machines on separate OSs started doing this indicates to me the problem is a Chrome update. Maybe if I tried an older Chrome version?

I tried Brave, the same problem :thinking:

Safari works.

Brave is based on the Chromium source, like Google Chrome. :-/ So it seems like something specific to chromium browsers. Probably edge would be affected as well.

I believe it’s some system setting or app that interferes, but so far I don’t have any clue what it could be :frowning:

Yep, seems Chromium isn't working. I tried a Chrome build from 2 months ago when everything worked and it has the same issues. I wonder if there's some Chromium file that's deep inside macOS that needs to be deleted

I don’t think so, such files would be separate for Brave/ Chrome, even if they are based on the same code.

Ok. I fixed it by closing a bunch of tasks and restarting BST. Now to find out which of these f***ers causes it

oh that’s great, if you can figure out what it is, I might be able to workaround it!