Korg nanoPAD2 preset and trigger collection

Preset for using Korg nanoPAD2 as input device

BetterTouchTool supports MIDI devices for signal input. The nanoPAD2 has 16 big square pads, primarily for drum input. Ignoring the 2D-Pad on the left side and most of those modifier buttons on top, you can still add 64 buttons for specialized mac input with this slim and inexpensive device.

You can switch between 4 "scenes". The LED indicator in the top right corner highlights in which of the four scenes you currently are. I prepared a preset with read-outs from the 16 pads in all four scenes. The first scene is populated with some example actions.
Korg nanoPAD2.bttpreset (378.8 KB)


In case you just want the triggers, here are's the reduced preset:
Korg_nanoPAD2_triggers_only.bttpreset (372.0 KB)

awesome! will definitely use if it still works