KISS Bar: Keep It Simple Stupid

After years of frustration & misery with the stock touchbar, I present my answer to the world - KISS Bar!

As the name implies, KISS Bar is based on Keep It Simple Stupid principles, aiming to declutter your bar, while still making it useful, bringing functional zen to your digital life.

Why the orange colour scheme? I wanted to create a theme that was easy on the eyes at night, and not glaring in your face during the day. It also has a bit of a retro PIP-BOY feeling to it that I like. The screenshots don't really do it justice, so install it to see if it looks right for you (it's easy to change text colour in each widget setting too).

Close group buttons are also aligned to the right, meaning less travelling with your finger to close the group.

Main View
No music:

With music playing:


  • Escape Key, with plenty of room around it for sausage fingers. Long-press sends F1 key signal (which can open help in various apps, and also opens the Command Pallette in VS Code.)
  • BTT's "Now Playing" widget (tap to pause & bring player to front, long press to skip track) works with iTunes, Spotify, Google Play Music Desktop Player etc.
  • Information hides when the music is paused


  • Fullscreen Toggle (for applications that support fancy full screen)
  • Launch music player (set up to launch Google Play Music Desktop Player, configure it to suit you)
  • Clock widget (long press to reveal Clock group)
  • Weather widget (long press to reveal weather widget)
  • App Group
  • Settings Group

Clock Group


  • Full date + week & day counter
  • Sunrise / Sunset times
  • TODO: Calendar feed of some kind...

Weather Group


  • Max Temperature
  • Humidity
  • 3 day forecast
    TODO: Button to launch a Google Weather page of some kind
    TODO: Button to launch lightning tracker

App Group


  • Screenshot (Mojave's built in tools)
    (Note - this is more of a starter group that you can add your own items to. In BTT, copy and paste the Terminal button and set up another app with it (and change the icon as well)

Settings Group


  • Keyboard illumination dimmer
  • Keyboard illumination brighten
  • Night Shift toggle
  • Dark Mode (Mojave) toggle
  • Hidden files in Finder toggle (for those times when you are struggling to find ~/.ssh)
  • Launch BTT (to see the button descriptions, and modify your setup)


  • System Prefs shortcut
  • Wifi Toggle
  • Bluetooth Toggle
  • Volume Slider (drag all the way to the left to mute)
  • Brightness Slider

TODO: AirPlay toggles

KISS Bar 1.2.bttpreset (287.2 KB)

Older versions:
Kiss Bar 1.1.bttpreset (239.9 KB)
KISS Bar 1.0.bttpreset (356.9 KB)