Keypress and Newline



I've got this app for a very simple reason: I want to be able to quickly enter categories in an Excel sheet. I want to enter R, 1, 2, 3, ?. This works fine but at the moment I need to then go and hit Enter. I'm sure there's a way around this, applescript or some VB or just trigger a macro - but for something so simple it would be great if I could just enter R or something when creating it.


Why not just add the enter as a separate key press?

Or am I not understanding this correctly?


Exactly. Just keep in mind that whatever you do with your keyboard can be perfectly done with BTT (Only limitation is changing spaces, charging a website or opening a document, basically stuff that needs a variable time at each load). Just use the additional actions and enter each key you would use on the keyboard to perform it. You can also add mouse movements and clicks, but at this moment be sure the window has always the same size (the easiest way to ensure this is using the program in fullscreen).


Exactly what I needed! Didn't see the additional action bit, thanks :slight_smile: