Keyborad shortcut for opening a new Chrome window whilst in a different application

Hi does anyone know if there if there is a way to create a keyboard shortcut which causes a new Chrome window to open up, whilst in another app e.g. say I'm reading a research paper in Preview and want to quickly look up a concept through google. Thanks!!

1: go to keyboard shortcuts (command + 4)
2: make a new shortcut of your choice
3: make the action 'Launch app' and select Google Chrome

Hi thanks for the quick reply! I tried this method but unfortunately it just opens up the last active tab of an already active window on chrome as opposed to opening a completely new window :confused:

add an action and tell it to send keyboard shortcut command N too. this should work

Ahhhh it works! you're a geniusss, thank you so so much!!!!:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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just a tip: you can assign this to a touchbar button if you want.
1: make a new button
2: make it do the shortcut you made.
now when you tap it, it will open a new window in chrome

ah good idea, thank you for this!!

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