KeyboardCleanTool Replicated in BTT?

I just saw the "KeyboardCleanTool" app offered by and would like to recreate this with BTT, is this possible?

Why recreate it? Well I'd like to set it up to function on a timer, instead of having to click a button. Why? Because I'd also like it to disable the trackpad as well, so that I can clean that without activating any of the trackpad actions set up in BTT.

Is any of this possible? Not even sure if "timer" is a thing in BTT.

Anyways, if this possible in BTT w/o outside interaction, could someone point me where I need to start to make this happen?

The keyboard part of it is possible, however it will be very tedious. You have to set a shortcut for each key (without modifiers) and leave the action part blank. This will not work on a timer, however there is a timer block in the "Other triggers" section.

Just add KeyboardCleanTool to the list of apps in BTT, and make BTT disable itself while that app is active:

But I think it's a good idea to make BTT disable itself while KeyboardCleanTool is active. I'll add that in a future release.

Hey, thanks for pointing that out..

While it does take care of BTT triggers being activated, it doesn't disable the trackpad entirely. I probably wasn't as clear as I should have been in the original post. But in the end I'd like to have the trackpad disabled completely for a set period of time as well..

I often clean the keyboard and the trackpad at the same time (along with the screen) and running a microfiber cloth over the trackpad has some unwanted actions, not just from BTT.