KeyboardCleanTool feature request

I don't know why Apple would classify this as "not useful". I've been using such a utility for years and find it very useful.

At any rate, I have always used "Keyboard" (

I continue to use it because it blacks out the screen during cleaning, which makes it infinitely easier to see all the smudges and smears in order to get a very clean screen.

I'd love to switch to KeyboardCleanTool, since it's better maintained and also locks out the Touch Bar, which is very useful. However, without the screen blacking feature, I find myself always using Keyboard Cleaner.

Please consider adding an option to black out the screen? Thanks for listening!

Every time I clean my MacBook screen I go to use KeyboardCleanTool and remember why I don't use it. :slight_smile:

So, today I came here to ask that a blackout feature be added and found I already did. lol

Consider this my nth request as I think it every week or so, but am only now posting a 2nd time. Any chance you might add this someday?