Keyboard with trackpad

I have a microsoft keyboard with a built in trackpad. Can I control it using BTT? I've been unable to figure out how.

I do as well, specifically the Microsoft All-in-One Media Keyboard, which technically has support for gestures and a few other special keys that can normally be customized on Windows.

It feels like a stretch to ask for support from BTT, but Microsoft unfortunately doesn't provide official drivers for macOS, so there's really no way to customize it or use gestures.

This is one of the better keyboards available for HTPCs, and Mac Minis are absolutely wonderful HTPCs. It's a shame Apple doesn't make a combined Magic Keyboard (smaller) with their Magic Trackpad. That would truly be... magical.

Although, I have seen custom-made holders for both of them that are made to keep them together so they feel like a single unit just like other TV keyboards. I may consider it, but that would be about $270 minimum for everything. So, I think I'm good with sticking with my sub-par experience with this $30 MS keyboard. :grin: