Keyboard Shortcuts that have 2 letters


I am trying to create a shortcut for minimise all open windows (regardless of how many app windows open). The mac shortcut is Command + Option + H + M

I can only seem to record 1 letter when using BTT as opposed to two.

Is there a way i can record this shortcut and change it to something else??


Set up the two actions one after the other and then assign one shortcut. In this example opt+g.

My q is similar enough that I don't think it warrants a new thread.

What about two mouse clicks simultaneously? I'd love to have mission control mapped to left+right click, but I'm not sure it's possible. There's no way to use right click as a modifier for the left click, is there?


I don't use a mouse and honestly don't know why you would want to do that when there are so many easier options. But what should theoretically work is this.

  1. set a cycle action to cmd down/up (or another modifier). Trigger: for example, right click.

  2. set "mission control" (predefined action) to left click with cmd down.

If you now execute a right click and then a left click "mission control" is activated.

To release cmd, right click again.