[Keyboard Shortcuts] Right Arrow button to Enter in specific condition ?

I mapped the right arrow key to enter in BTT keyboard shortcuts, i added a advanced condition because I wish I only change the right arrow key to enter in that condition, but when not in that condition,

the right arrow don't work, I can't navigate between text, how to make this keyboard shortcut only work when in that condition?

If you define a keyboard shortcut, it will always block the original keys from passing through to the system. If you want to have both, you'd need to add another trigger that has the "inverse" condition (instead of "All of the following are true" choose "None of the following are true).

Then you'd assign a standard arrow key to it. However there is currently a big limitation with that approach: key repeat will not work. This is on my TODO list.

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yes, the key repeat not work, haha really need this feature.. I'm waiting for it