Keyboard shortcuts not working after installing BetterDisplay

Idk if this is the reason, but since I installed BetterDisplay my Window management keys in BTT aren't working anymore.

From what I'm seeing text replacement is working, but the gestures and Kb shortcuts for windows aren't.

Any known issues with BetterDisplay + BTT?

PS: even if I quit BetterDisplay, I get the same thing - shortcuts and gestures not working; I remember I had this issue some time ago too, not related to BetterDisplay - but I don't remember how it got fixed (I presumed an app update).

I'm also using BetterDisplay, so that's most likely not the issue.

Have you tried to restart your machine?

I did, still same issue. I also did:

  • tried to close BetterDisplay, no improvement
  • removed the Virtual Monitor in BetterDisplay, only used my 2 external screens
  • restarted
  • used the tccutil reset All com.hegenberg.BetterTouchTool

what kind of keyboard shortcuts are you using? do only certain actions fail or are they bot working at all?

The ones to resize windows are ok, the ones to move left/right a space are dead.

Here's the "Move Right a Space" one:

Also tried to change the shortcuts, thinking maybe there's a conflict with BetterDisplay (using same shortcut for something else).

Here's another hint - I recently updated to the last alpha version of BTT. Id like to try to get back at the stable. How do I do that?

for these the most important thing is, that btt has the permissions in system settings-> security & privacy -> accessibility. If it’s already listed there try to remove it and add it again

OK, it seems it was some conflict with MacOS's own shortcuts for changing Spaces.
I've changed those in the OS settings and everything seems to be working ok now.

What is really strange:

  • there were different shortcuts in BTT and OS
  • when changing the shortcuts in BTT it was still not working
  • it only solved after I changed the shortcut in OS.

Anyways, all is good now, tysm for the support Andreas! Havea great day! :purple_heart:

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