Keyboard > shortcut

I have a key sequence N N J : Run Apple script (async in background)

which has 3 additional Actions.

I wanted to move the Run Apple script below.
in the old configuration UI you can't drag the top Action but in the new UI you CAN. so I dragged the top Action and moved it two Actions below but as soon as I dropped it the whole Key Sequence disappeared and now is not listed on the old nor the new configuration UI Under keyboard>shortcut.

However when I key the N N J the Key sequence runs the script. I disabled all shortcut but when I key in N N J still works.

where is it and what happened to it?
Restarted BBT and Mac and still no listing but the key sequence still works

Andreas any word? I can't edit nor delete this key sequence as it is not listed anywhere

could you go to Help -> Export Diagnostics Debug Information and send the result to (I currently can‘t reproduce the issue)